Makes a smartphone 80-200 times brigther with a beam distance of up to 200M
Controls the beam spread and distance using the zoom-in and zoom-out function depending on the circumstances
1 - 3 LUX
100 - 700 LUX
80-200 TIMES


  Illuminance(at a distance of 3m) Beam Distance
Without TRANSBEAM 1~3 LUX ~ 10 M
Base Clamp 4~13 LUX 30 ~ 70 M
Base Clamp + Zoom lens 100~700 LUX 100 ~ 200 M
Measurement results vary by smartphone model.
When you hike late at night or walk on a dark street
Find your way with TRANSBEAM. You will be able to have a safer stroll

Smartphone led ligt for outdoor

By placing elastic straps into the four grooves of the BASE CLAMP, you can fix the product on the bag shoulder strap, belt or body part.
You can switch the white light into 4 other colors
Present special memories to your loved ones
You may use the product as an analogue projector by projecting images or texts to wall.
* If required, we can make customized films. Also customers can make DIY films using OHP films
Rotates 360 degrees with the slide function, you may hold it at any part of the palm
In the daytime, it turns into a finger holder
You may carry a smartphone comfortably by putting a finger
and change the position in your hand easily
4 Functions in 1
TRANSBEAM package consists of 7 components.
Based on its combination, you may use it in four major functions.
It is Compatible with any size of smartphone model with width range of 65~93mm. (Some models have limited use, separate clamp pads are needed if smartphone width is smaller than 65 mm. Customization is available based on order quantity.)
An aspheric lens maximizing illumination by collecting light is used.

Currently, we possess 9 Korean and foreign patents (Korean, PCT and Chinese utility model).

The product is made in Republic of Korea
Easy to carry
You can store the product in a hard-shell pouch. You can hang it in your bag with a karabiner.